Monique Alexander

Though Carrie Bradshaw (Monique Alexander) is completely satisfied with Big’s performance, she can’t doesn’t mind taking it to the next level. Her consistent experience in the bedroom gives her a base point to judge off of and rate how great the Screaming O is changing her sex life.


Sunny Lane

Samantha Jones (Sunny Lane) is more than willing to do her part to”research” female satisfaction for this project. Her personal experience of screaming and moaning “o’s” contributes greatly to the design of The Screaming O.


Jewels Jade

After all her mundane nights completely unsatisfied, Charlotte York (Jewels Jade) decides she absolutely needs more! It is Charlotte who sparks the search to aid her fellow females in sexual satisfaction!!! The Screaming O now helps Charlotte ‘s bedtime bliss.


Audrey Lords

Miranda Hobbes (Audrey Lords) is of course on board when all her besties want begin the search for an “O” so satisfying it will curl their toes. She steps up and does her own “research”, finalizing the design of The Screamind O.

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